Differentiate or Drown: Managing Modern-Day Data

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Differentiate or Drown: Managing Modern-Day Data

Differentiate or Drown: Managing Modern-Day Data

What are the top three mega trends for data leaders this year (and beyond)? In this episode, we tackle cloud data platforms, the five sub disciplines of observability, and real-time machine learning.

Listen to our conversation with Kevin Petrie, Vice President of Research at Eckerson Group.

Hear the Answers to these Questions:

  1. Why a cloud data platform is a common destination with many routes?
  2. Which tools to standardize the different classes of observability?
  3. How the interrelationship between model observability and ML works?


More information about Kevin and today’s topics:

  1. LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/kevinpetrietech/
  2. Company Website: https://www.eckerson.com/


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