Building a Collaborative Culture in Analytics

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Building a Collaborative Culture in Analytics

Building a Collaborative Culture in Analytics

As regulations around data continue to shift and companies adapt, many have struggled to find success while also keeping up with new regulatory obligations.

Uday Kamath is expertly navigating this field, leading the highly collaborative and productive data and analytics team at Smarsh as the Chief Analytics Officer. Uday has 20 years of experience in data and analytics, alongside extensive experience leading teams. His wide range of technical knowledge, includes Statistical Learning techniques, Machine Learning theory and practical implementation, Optimization techniques, Fraud Detection, Bioinformatics, and more.

Hear about Uday’s work as the CAO of Smarsh and get the answers to these questions:

  • How to achieve success while managing regulatory obligations with data
  • What it’s like to manage expectations across departments and fostering a collaborative culture
  • How current analytics trends that are driving added value for analytics professionals
  • How to build a high-quality team with high growth, collaboration, and productivity


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